Friday, April 2, 2010

Dear Mummy,

Do you know that you are more than a mother for me... through out many experience and many thing that happen...
You're More Than A Mother to me

Here's I got a poem for you...

More Than A Mother

By Kari Keshmiry

When God set the world in place,
when He hung the stars up in space,
when He made the land and the sea,
then He made you and me.
He sat back and saw all that was good,
He saw things to be as they should.
Just one more blessing He had in store;
He created a mother, but whatever for?
He knew a mother would have a special place
to shine His reflection on her child's face.
A mother will walk the extra mile
just to see her children smile.

She'll work her fingers to the bone
to make a house into a home.
A mother is there to teach and guide,
a mother will stay right by your side.

She'll be there through your pain and strife,
she'll stay constant in your life.
A mother will lend a helping hand
until you have the strength to stand.

She'll pick you up when you are down,
when you need a friend she'll stick around.
A mother is one who listens well,
will keep her word; will never tell.

A mother never pokes or pries
but stands quietly by your side,
giving you the strength you need,
encouraging you to succeed.

A mother is one who can be strong
when you need someone to lean on.
You're more than a mother to me;
a reflection of Him in your face I see,
a love that knows no boundaries.

I'm glad that you chose to be
all this and more to me.
You share a love that knows no end,
you're more than my mother,
you are my friend.
*I adding some:
You are more than my friend
because wont have a friend love us as you love us,
care us as you care us,
choose the best for us even get blamed,
only hope that one day we will learn and grow,
Hope that we always get our Happiness,
Be Healthy and always...
You more than a mother to me and to us.

It is because...

A Mother's Love

by Michael O. Adesanya

There are times only when a Mother's love
Can understand our tears,
Can soothe our disappointments
And calm all our fears.

There are times when only a Mother's Love
Can share the joy we feel
When something we've dreamed about
Quite suddenly is real.

There are times when only a Mother's faith
Can help on life's way
And inspire in us the confidence
We need from day to day.

For a Mother's heart and a Mother's faith
And a Mother's steadfast love
Were fashioned by the Angels
And sent from God above...

Thursday, April 1, 2010

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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Thank you for sharing this award with me, ^@^mummy...[not forget to thanks to BRAD to sharing this award to my mummy]

Yeah mummy, it's a cuteeeeee kitty! I Love it! TQ~!

Hugs+Kisses+Luv from Joivy^@^

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Mummy you're beautiful...

Moms and Daughters


You can see it in their eyes,
in tender hugs and long good-byes,
a love that only moms and daughters know.

You can see it in their smiles,
through passing years and changing styles,
a friendship that continually seems to grow.

You can see it in their lives,
the joy each one of them derives,
in just knowing that the other one is there...

To care and to understand, lend an ear or hold a hand, and to celebrate the memories they share.

CLICK HERE to view my another blogs... another poem for you mummy... that's shows you're beautiful, no one can compete or can replace your beauty...including me. Mummy you deserve much more, I love you.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

When you love a woman, you see your world inside her eyes

Dear baobei laogong,

I thought I loved him,

but he had to break my heart for me to know what true love really is... and I found you~
what I had pain in the past, its makes me a better lady to learning the best of me to cherish and love you by the right way for us

I wanna tell you~ Soul meets soul on lover's lips.
~ by Percy Bysshe Shelly ~

"I chose to love you in silence, for in silence I find no rejection. I chose to love you in your loneliness, for in your loneliness no one owns you, but me."
Source Unknown
Submitted by Hunny

Dear darling you told me... everyday life seems like a dream, and every wonderful dream each night is fulfilled in real life... I Think this is Our True love

"An eternity with anyone else would just seem too long, but an eternity spent with you in my arms is just not long enough."
N. J. H.
Submitted by Meg

Kok tat
Stary up above our roof

stare at your sleeping face

a kiss on the cheek
I know i gonna love you like that forever
pamper you as you had done so
cherish every moment and every second

please forgive me for my careless or rudeness
I just wanna to love you with my whole heart
I wanna learn my mistake and love you with no fear
Hold my hand, I will be your side forever
Dear I wanna love you forever

face on the challenge and difficulty together

with no blames
I promise

From me,ღJoivy

Thursday, March 26, 2009


宇恒 - 深呼吸

我紧紧握着方向盘 开车在回家的路上

空气很凉 摇上车窗 一个人好慌张

不知道拐了几个弯 经过了绿色的收费站

空气中听见我的歌唱 熟悉旋律在回荡


我要我自己坚强 我知道我能做到 我就要活得比从前更好

123深呼吸 就感觉这力量 叫做翅膀 准备飞翔

我的想法很简单 没有他们的复杂 我背负一个伟大的梦想

123深呼吸 我呼吸爱的力量 学着让自己勇敢

我知道 你知道 还要全世界看到 我的真心和希望